Future Harvest Seed Library @ MCPL

Welcome to the Morgan County Public Library Seed Library

Our goal is to share locally grown, open-pollinated, organic seeds with our local community. Seed saving helps to preserve our local cultural heritage as we pass on seeds from our gardens. We hope to share a love of plants, of food sovereignty, and friendship with others. Keeping and sharing our local seeds is a step towards food security.

We do not accept hybrid seeds, patented, or GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) seeds. We are stewards of the land, guardians of the seed, and we are saving Heirloom seeds for generations to come.

We encourage you to donate seeds or, take seeds, grow them, and return a portion to the Seed Library to keep our store of seeds fresh and viable. Please do not bring in seeds older than 2 years. It is best if you bring them in after the fall harvest of the year grown. Please fill out the forms (available at the library) for donation and taking seeds from the library. This keeps our history and documentation intact. Thanks!

Procedure for Checking out Seeds

  • Please limit to 3 seed packets per week, one packet per variety
  • Fill out Seed Checkout Form and place in checkout basket

Procedure for Donating Seeds

  • Fill out Seed Donation Form
  • Leave form and seeds at circulation desk

(Volunteers will package, if necessary, and file in seed library.)

Thank you! Giving seeds helps the seed library grow and flourish.

Disclaimer – The Seed Library cannot monitor the viability of all the seeds donated to us. Do a test for germination before planting or have no expectations as to how the seeds will grow. We do our best, but we cannot guarantee any of the seeds. See it as a fun experiment.



Clipart: https://www.freepik.com/free-vector/stages-flower-sowing-growing-from-soil-seed-green-sprout-yellow-blossom-cartoon-illustration

set_20827906.htm#query=FLOWER%20growing&position=1&from_view=search&track=ais”>Image by pch.vector</a> on Freepik